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Wild Woman Series

Stop talking about your feelings and instead...LET THEM OUT!

Wild Women Cover.jpg


Having anger is a topic people usually don't like to talk about. And as much as I hate to admit it, I've realized there's some underlying anger that I can't seem to shake. It feels like it bubbles up more and more lately. When I was in college, my good friends will remember me throwing glass bottles in parking lots to release anger.

As women, we are told we need to be quiet, peaceful, and not express emotions. If we do, it's more acceptable to cry then to shout or scream or be angry in general. Tell someone you are angry and you'll get advice like you should be doing yoga, going for a quiet car ride, read a book, or talking to a friend. Rarely do you get someone telling you about the ways to let it out in a strong and intense way. I'm sure you know that if let anger stay suppressed, it manifests in other ways in passive aggressive behavior, depression, or even illness in our bodies.

I'm tired of behaving like a "lady" all the time! I have emotions and so do you. Let's do something productive and fun to get it out. The Wild Woman series is geared towards creating a community of women who want to express emotions and anger in a healthy way with a group of others.

We're going to do FUN activities, like smash fruit, scream curse words on the top of a mountain, use paintball guns to shoot pictures, emotional finger-painting, etc. Once we are done doing the activity, we'll hang out afterwards and enjoy each other's company. It's meant to be a short burst of angry energy, then a calm release with healing intentions.

Ready to let go of some intense emotions with a fun group of ladies? Check out the calendar for upcoming events, or join the mailing list to be the first in the know.

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