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I attended the Whiskey + Charcuterie event this week and really enjoyed the experience. The instructor was superb and guided us through several whiskey drinks, tapenade and charcuterie. Afterwards, we all got to enjoy our creations. A fun time meeting new people and I plan to be back! Thanks Emma! – Joe N., Colorado Springs


We attended the shrimp & grits class and had a blast. I was worried that it would be awkward but Emma and chef Joseph made us feel right at home. We met some very nice people and made some connections. I would definitely recommend a culinary experience with Emma! – Lisa L., Colorado Springs


I enjoyed the networking and working as a team to create the cocktails and appetizers.

It was a great class for networking and getting to meet new people. – Stanley G., Colorado Springs


I enjoyed visiting with the people you gathered. Some I already knew, but I got to know them better. I was "along for the ride" on the cooking techniques and bartending tips. Emma's Cooking Class experience was a highlight of my 2021 social calendar. I look forward to making another plan for a date!  - Alan B., Colorado Springs

Emma did a great job bringing a diverse group of people together. We got to know each other outside of a work environment and were able to have fun making cocktails and food together. I'll definitely be back for another experience! – Chris C., Colorado Springs


This is an event that you cannot miss. Gift yourself the opportunity to explore amazing coaching, great recipes, safe and fun environment, and improve on your entertainment social skills. Add to your bucket of a new way to pamper yourself! – Nohemy M., Colorado Springs


I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would definitely sign up for more in the future. We had a great teacher and I am excited to make what I have learned in our future parties. I also really liked meeting new people from the community that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. – Arlene A., Colorado Springs


"I attended the class primarily to meet new people since I am new to Colorado Springs. During the class, I made connections with two great people that I will be getting together with in the next couple weeks." – Kristin W., Colorado Springs


Chris, our Chef, was wonderful and attentive to the class. It was fun. Felt like a family cooking together. – Michelle M., Colorado Springs

A meetup everyone should experience. Emma is a fantastic host! - Andrew M., Colorado Springs


I enjoyed meeting new people, learning new cooking skills, and also liked that the meal was a group effort. So much fun! – Theresa M., Colorado Springs


Food was AMAZING and Chris is spectacular! Everything was really well put together and organized! Thank you for the experience. – Ayanna, Colorado Springs


Emma - I had a blast at the last class on pizza and beer 🍺. Leif and Craig had great stories regarding each beer that we tasted and “Mama Gates” sure knows how to whip up some dough. I can’t wait until your next event! – Stanley G., Colorado Springs


Thank you for hosting the class last night. I have always wanted to learn to make fresh pasta! Chris was a wonderful instructor! I will be telling everyone I know about what an enjoyable evening it was. – Myrl, Colorado Springs


I went the food prep with enchiladas, rotisserie chicken and salad. The recipes were easy to follow and I met some new people in COS. Emma does a great job organizing these events. - Alex H., Colorado Springs


I've attended a class and taught a class for Emm Co. and both times were so much fun! You can't go wrong making a charcuterie board with a great old-fashioned you mixed yourself. (Unless you cut your fingers, but no one did.) Then teaching shrimp and grits was a great experience. Plus Emma is just a wonderful person so I highly encourage trying out a class! – Joseph P., Colorado Springs

The class I attended was the Whiskey and Charcuterie Board making class. The presenter was fabulous and informative. We made an additional dish of tapenade (yum!). The table of 4 concept worked out wonderfully. We each contributed something different to our board creation and design. I made new friends and we had a fantastic time together. I will definitely attend more classes! - Michelle M., Colorado Springs


I LOVED your rock therapy event. The ambiance you guys created was so comfortable, setting intentions and talking about what we're grateful for really helped set the tone for the event. And it was SO NICE to simply sit with friends and paint. I don't know what happened, but I left there feeling HAPPY. I spent the entire rest of the day smiling at everyone, not being bothered by little things, and just generally feeling light. – Jackie H., Colorado Springs


Emm Co.'s Rock Painting Party was a wonderful time to connect with others and get creative in a safe and happy space. My time at the Rock Painting Party was incredibly relaxing and life-giving, and I loved getting to chat with the other attendees while we let our creativity flow. - Jessica C., Colorado Springs

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