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Team Events

Our events bring people together through creative activities and give participants the chance to connect on a better level as a group.


What does it feel like to fit in?

Some might describe it as feeling like you have people you can talk to and confide in. Having things to do during the week or weekend. Not sitting at home with your dog, but better yet, having someone to come over hang out with that your dog loves to see. Feeling like someone has your back if you need help with a flat tire or need to be picked up from a doctor appointment. Getting overwhelmed with work and/or life and having someone to bring you back up to your happy self.

Where do we find that in our life?

If you are one of the lucky, you have a work “family” that helps you feel like you are included and consists of people who are your age. People who you are excited to see every day of the week and you even want to hang out with on the weekends. You have a bond with your coworkers that feels unbreakable and that you can do anything together. 

What happens when that work bond begins to shift?

Someone moves to another job, a new manager joins the team, or your workload creates barriers between the team. Conflicts arise and people aren’t talking as much anymore, and trust starts to dwindle.

Since the shift to hybrid workplaces, 65% of workers say they feel less connected to their coworkers.


How do you build the team back?

Sometimes it is about getting down to the basics – having fun together again. As humans, we are meant to be social, have fun, and relax. The heart of the matter is, we may have forgotten to have fun with each other. Nobody likes to be serious all the time, and engaging in “yet another team building exercise” may not be what your group needs right now.

So how do we have fun without “team building”?

One of the most basic connections we have with each other is with food. Food has a way of breaking down barriers whether we share a kitchen, a meal, a recipe, or our excitement about a new restaurant. Ask someone what their favorite food memory is, and you are sure to get a heartfelt answer that gives you more information about them than you might have realized. 

Cooking together not only builds connection, but it builds a stronger bond as you are troubleshooting, dividing up tasks, and learning each other’s skillsets. Have you ever felt the joy that comes with teaching someone else how to do something and then watching them master it? What about the sense of satisfaction you receive when you learn something new and apply it to a new project? These joyful feelings happen during cooking all the time, and especially when you are cooking with a group of people who have varying levels of skills. 

77% of respondents said that building close relationships with colleagues was the most important factor in determining job satisfaction.

What does cooking and art have to do with teams?

Our experiences are created intentionally for connection around a creative activity. Your team gets to split into small groups to cook or make an art project. Any person, at any skill level, can participate. There will be a teaching guiding you the entire time, but each team will get to problem solve and collaborate to make the recipe or creative project to their liking. During the class, we encourage chatting and getting to know everyone in the group. 

What kinds of recipes can we make?

The sky is the limit! In the past, we have hosted classes on charcuterie boards, tamales, pasta-making, meal prep, pizza, and many more. See some of our past classes for recipe inspiration here.

Class prices vary, but are usually between $70 -$110/person, based on the teacher and the ingredients. Does someone in your group love to teach about cooking? We can even talk about how to make them one of your teachers for your event! We can accommodate many recipe requests, so please contact us to learn more. 

What kinds of art projects can we do?

Some of the concepts include rock painting, finger painting, building artwork on a food plate, bread sculptures and more.  Prices vary based on the number of people and project supplies, but you can estimate around $40 - $75 per person.


"Chris, our Chef, was wonderful and attentive to the class. It was fun. Felt like a family cooking together. "

- Michelle

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