Social Cooking Classes

Social Cooking Classes bring people together through team activities and give participants the chance to meet new friends in Colorado Springs. Find people who make you feel like you fit in and happy to call this city your home. 

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If you’ve gotten intentional about finding new friendships, you’ve probably looked in the logical places – networking groups, Meetup, hobby activities, or church. These are all good options, but sometimes:

  • the groups can be cliquey

  • you feel like you don’t fit in

  • conversations are awkward

  • you’re standing around waiting for someone to talk to you

  • other guests are much younger or older

  • they just aren’t YOUR people


If you’re like me, my self-esteem and confidence take a hit after attending an event that didn’t go well and am even less likely to put myself out there again. As both an introvert and event planner (for 13+ years), I realized that there can be a better way to meet new people.


How would it feel to:

  • walk into an event where you are immediately greeted by a friendly face and introduced around to everyone in the room? 

  • be partnered up with a small group for the entire event that enjoy similar hobbies and are also looking to meet new people?

  • find a community of quality friends your own age who want to do more than go to the bar?


It is so important to our overall health to feel like we belong in our community and have friendships. People we click with are hard to come by sometimes, and it is my goal to create a welcoming space for people – introverts and extroverts – to learn something new,  meet quality people, and have FUN being themselves.


Emm Co. Social Cooking Classes are culinary experiences that bring people together around food. During each cooking class, you get to work with a group to make simple and delicious recipes based around a fun theme. Think of it like a dinner party where everyone cooks!

During these events: 

·    You don’t need to bring a friend

·    You don’t need to be a good cook

·    You don’t need to be good at networking

What can you expect with each Social Cooking Class? ​

Think of these events like a dinner party where everyone cooks together.

Fun and interactive one-time-only events – never the same theme again

Each class is set up for socializing. You’ll be making the recipes and talking to the other participants during the entire event. Every class has a unique theme and teacher – we haven’t done the same class twice!  This brings a great mix of new and returning people to the events, which means you may know someone in the room if you attend more than one class. 


Warm connections to everyone in the room

It can be awkward trying to join a conversation when people are already in groups talking. From the minute you walk in, we want you to feel welcome and included, so your host will introduce you to other guests, allowing you to join the conversations easily without interrupting. Most people come to the classes by themselves, so rest assured that you will feel comfortable if you choose to fly solo. 


Curated "friends for the night" based on common interests

Once the class begins, you’ll get to work with a team of four people who all share something in common to build a family-style meal for the table. The class is intentionally interactive so you can talk and laugh with your group, and everyone else, while making the food. Small talk doesn’t always come naturally, but working together creates a natural conversation flow. If you need a buffer, come grab me or your teacher to spark up a new topic!


Hands-on lesson and the knowledge to make it at home 

We won’t overwhelm you with complicated recipes – the directions are simple, hands-on, and are for any skill level, even if you are not a confident cook. Your teacher will be laid-back and create a comfortable atmosphere for you to participate as much or as little as you’d like. 


Shared meal

For the last part of the class, you’ll get to sit down with everyone and eat what your team created. Don’t forget to grab the phone numbers of the people you want to connect with again! Many of the participants end up staying long after the class finishes to chat with their new friends.


The price of each class is $65 - $95, depending on the event.

"I enjoyed meeting new people, learning new cooking skills, and also liked that the meal was a group effort. So much fun!" 

-Teresa M.

You might not want to come if you:

- expect to have a serious and structured lesson about cooking. We all make mistakes and problem-solve together using uncomplicated recipes. That's what makes it fun for socializing.

- don't enjoy working in a team. That is the core concept of the class.

- want to "sell" other guests on your business or service. This event is designed for connection beyond the work relationship. You can certainly make career relationships, but do not use it as a marketing platform for your business.

Of course, you can continue to meet people at networking events, on friend apps, church, and at the bar. That method works for some people and it might for you, too.

However, if you are serious about creating quality long-lasting friendships with people who are on your same level, it might be time to try a social cooking class! 

​Are you interested in attending a class but still have some questions or want to set up a time to chat ? I would be happy to meet or talk with you. Send me an email to set up a time to connect.

"I enjoyed visiting with the other guests. Some I already knew, but I got to know them better. I was "along for the ride" on the cooking techniques and bartending tips. This experience was a highlight of my 2021 social calendar. I look forward to making another plan for a date! "

- Alan B.

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