Why Hire an Event Planner?

Do you have a person on staff that plans a few events a year? This is pretty typical. Many companies have a person on staff that has a different role within the company, but a few times a year, they are also given an event to plan and manage.

If this sounds like your company, you are probably wondering why you should bother hiring an outside event planner to handle your events.

Believe it or not, hiring an outside event planner will often save your organization money and may even increase your revenue. Did you know that most companies spend an average of 5-8 weeks planning an event?

Here are a few ways that event planners can save your organization time and money:

Management: Event planners know how to best manage registration, vendor relationships, room set up, food options, logistics, AV, and attendee engagement. We've all been to an event that has run out of food or has had a technology glitch. Event planners ensure that these risks are mitigated. Those little things, like bringing pens, tape, or name tags, will be planned for ahead of time.

Quality & Knowledge: Event planners have a vast knowledge of reputable venues and vendors. They also know the best options for different pricing options to meet your budget. This knowledge saves your organization the hours it would take to shop around for and meet with venues, caterers, and other services.

Creativity: Event planners can offer inspired ideas, decor, and branding for your event.

Cost Savings: Event planners often think out of the box to meet your budget. Planners are able to negotiate with vendors to get the best rates and know other cost-saving measures that can make a big difference.

Day Of Coordination: Event planners alleviate the stress of managing an event, especially the day of the party. You are free to enjoy mingling with your guests, knowing that everything is being handled well.

Efficiency: Event planners have lots of experience coordinating events, which means that the tasks get done quicker than someone who may only plan one or two a year. Hourly cost ends up being much less to pay an outside event planner. And without that background knowledge of vendors and best practices, it takes your employee much longer, which also means more time away from their main work responsibilities.

As you have read, hiring an outside event planner can be beneficial to not only your budget, but also enhances the quality of your event. Emm Co offers business event planning for up 200 people. If you have an event planning need, send an email to discuss!