The Aligned Workshop recap

Last weekend, Ivette Flower (iFlower Solutions) and I hosted a workshop called Aligned. Ivette taught the guests how to determine their 10 core values and then narrow them down to 3 values to focus upon for now. Then we talked through SMARTER goals, which have strategy and action behind them to help us live in our values.

After that work, I walked the group through an intention-setting meditation. This helped them to visualize colors, images, etc to paint on rocks. The rock served as a visual cue for the guests to remember their core values in every day life.

Ivette is a great coach and mentor if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or stuck in your life or your business. If you are interested in working with Ivette Flower as a personal Leadership Coach, she is offering a 90-minute trial coaching session for $99.00. In these sessions, you can work on ending the year strong with a strategic plan, increasing productivity, parenting solutions, or improving relationships. No topic is off-limits. This will also give you the opportunity to see if you and her are a good fit for working together. Please be sure to mention my name (Emma) so she knows how you learned about her.

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