Put your best face forward on Meetup.com

In this video, I dive into the importance of your profile photo on Meetup.com and why you may want to re-think the image you use. See below the video for some quick photo tips and click here for explanations and examples of recommended image types.

Quick tips for your Meetup photo:

  1. Use a photo that shows your full face.

  2. Use a photo with good lighting.

  3. Use a photo of yourself - no animals or weird t-shirt logos.

  4. It can be good to use a picture of you doing a hobby or activity to show others what you are interested in.

  5. Think about what you are looking for in people you'd like to be friends with and decide if your photo would make them interested to talk to you.

  6. Use a current photo. If you've attended one of the Social Cooking Classes, feel free to borrow one of those for your profile image.

Looking for examples of what kinds of photos are recommended to use? Check out the next blog in this series.