Hype yourself up

Does anyone else have the reoccurring dreams where you are lost in your high school or college? Now that I'm helping out with some projects the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, I'm trying to navigate campus and it's been daunting. My dream anxieties are coming true!

This is a good metaphor for life though - things that seem difficult in the moment can almost always be figured out. And wonderful people will show you the way if you ask for help. It is hard to believe how many things I've overcome and it's fortunate that I've had a way to track it.

Tracking these milestones helps me to boost my confidence, feel more resilient when tackling a new project, and is a visual pat on the back for how I'm doing.

Here are 2 ways I track my professional and personal milestones:

1. Accomplishments Sheet: A few years ago, thanks to the advice of a friend, I started writing down my Accomplishments on a big sheet of paper nailed to my wall. It was little things, like going to a kickboxing class by myself for the first time, to big things, like hosting my first Emm Co event to a sold out group. When I'm feeling down, or particularly unmotivated, I like to look at that sheet of paper and remind myself of how far I've come. Even better, this shows the challenges that felt hard in the moment, which are now nothing I would fret about in my current life.

Some of the things on this list are:

  • Jump starting my car alone (2020)

  • Running the Spartan race (2019)

  • Finding a new event venue with 1 day notice (2020)

  • Signing a contract to work with UC Health and teach cooking classes (2022)

  • Going by myself to Meetup events (2018)

2. Wall Calendar: The other thing that I use for daily encouragement is a wall calendar. (See the photo above for a photo.)

On this calendar, I write down a significant daily activity, like a potential client meeting, networking event, a presentation to a group, or work for a contract job. I also use stickers to track the days I exercise and host events. For exercise, I use little cactus stickers which make me happy. This helps me to see a quick visual of my progress during the month. Without the calendar, I would forget the progress I've made throughout the month and get down about "not doing enough".

If you are looking for ways to build your confidence and remind yourself of your successes, you could try using either the Accomplishments Sheet and/or the Calendar Method.

Do you have other ways you track your progress both personally or professionally? Send me an email!