Colorado Springs party planner offers cooking classes to nourish yourself, your lifestyle

February 8, 2022

Article written by Teresa Farney, food editor for the Colorado Springs Gazette

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Emma Mitchell and Susan Gates
photo courtesy Teresa Farney

Most of us at one time or another have found ourselves alone in a new situation — like going solo to a party or moving to a new community where you don’t know anyone. It can be awkward.

Meet Emma Mitchell, party planner, owner of Emm Co. Culinary Experiences and once a newcomer to Colorado Springs.

“Being a transplant to the Springs, I know how hard it is to find a deep connection with friends, and it can get lonely here,” she said. “After the last two years, people need that connection even more than ever.”

So she combined that with her love of cooking and learning about new foods and started her business last June. She offers a couple of cooking classes monthly, but the goal isn’t just to teach cooking: “Socializing is the main ingredient,” according to her website. Mitchell wants to connect people.

“I make sure that all the guests feel welcome and included in conversations as soon as they walk into the room,” she said. “Each class is based around team-building activities that get you learning something and having quality conversations with fun new people. Food is a great connector of people, and cooking together can create an even deeper connection. Guests work in teams of three to four to create a family-style meal. They get to problem solve, make mistakes, resolve the issue and laugh together during the class.”

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