Announcing - Art Therapy classes

I had a lovely chat with one of my favorite mentors today and we were talking about art.

So many people say they can't do art or that they are scared to show off what they make. I'm one of those people who says I like "to do art" but I'm not an "artist". And typically I do not show off my artwork to anyone. It's an expression of me, my "emotional diary" if you will, and it isn't meant to be impressive.

Well, for the sake of being brave, here's something I did the other day - "1 year of Emm Co". All of the raw emotions; excitement, amazement, frustration, fear, etc of my first year of business expressed here.

Being creative is about getting your hands dirty, playing with color and texture, and not caring about the end result.

I'm excited to launch a new part of my business, which will be about just that - playing with art and food, imperfection, and building community. Announcement for the first event coming soon.

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