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Frequently Asked Questions


What are social cooking classes?

Social cooking classes are for people who enjoy food and want to make new friends. Think of these like a dinner party where everyone cooks together. A guest teacher will guide you through making the recipes, and the meals are hands-on and simple enough that you can talk throughout the class. You are assigned to a team (usually 4 people in each) to make the recipes and share the delicious meal.  You have a chance to talk with everyone participating before the class, and at the end, everyone sits down to eat together. 

How are these different than traditional cooking classes?

Traditional cooking classes typically are focused on the methods and learning new skills to create recipes. Oftentimes, participants make a meal with a friend or date.


Social cooking classes are about creating a space for you to meet new people through food. The focus is on getting people to connect by building simple (and delicious) meals together. You will learn new methods or recipes, but it really isn’t about that. It’s more about meeting people who enjoy the same hobbies as you and getting to build friendships while working together. 


These classes are also designed to be comfortable for you to come by yourself because you are paired up in a group of people who have similar interests. Most of the classes are created for a specific age range (such as 40-60’s) to increase the chances of developing friendships.


Socializing is the focus while the cooking becomes the medium in which to get to know people better.


Why are we paired up in teams during the class?

The team aspect of these events is for many reasons:

  • It creates a space for you to feel comfortable coming by yourself to the classes. 

  • It allows for you to build stronger connections because you work together to learn, make mistakes, and laugh about them.

  • You discover something about your teammates because everyone can bring their own skills to the creation of the dish. 

I’m not great at cooking. Does that matter?

It doesn't matter - anyone can participate! The recipes are for any skill level - from beginning to expert - and can be recreated at home with basic tools. You will be working with a group so you can contribute at your own level of comfort. Having fun is the most important part. If you would like to brush up on some basic cooking skills before the class, check out our one-on-one Foundational Cooking Lessons.

What kinds of recipes do we make?

To maximize the level of socializing during the classes, the recipes are delicious yet simple and can be recreated at home. They are hands-on and the tasks can be divided up amongst the team members. 

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable and that you can get dirty. If you have long hair, please tie it back for sanitary purposes.

I'm attending a community class. May I come to the class by myself?

Please do! You are guaranteed to meet fun people who want to make new connections of their own. Each class is targeted towards a specific age group to create a space for more relatable conversations. Most events are geared towards people between the ages of 40-68.

May I invite a friend or a date to register for a community class?

Of course! 

May I bring a child to a community class?

Most events are meant for specific age ranges, but occasionally we do have family classes or kids classes that come up. Please check the details of the class before signing up your child, or if still in doubt, send us a message!

What else should I know?

This isn't a gourmet cooking class, so please be aware that we may be using techniques or ingredients that may seem like "cheats" to proper chefs. We will be making most of the meal from scratch, and the food is always delicious, but the classes are more about the process of building something together in a social environment.

We always refrain from speaking about politics, religion, or anything controversial during the events. Phones should be put away and used only to take photos or collect phone numbers for your new connections at the end of the class.

What is the cancellation policy?

Refunds will be given up to 3 days before the event. In some cases a credit, rather than a refund will be given. If you choose to sell your ticket, please inform the host. If you are sick, please do not come to the class. Send a message and we can discuss options.

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