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Art Madness

Our events bring people together through creative activities and give participants the chance to connect on a better level as a group.

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So many people say they can't do art or that they are scared to show off what they make. I'm one of those people who says I like "to do art" but I'm not an "artist". And typically I do not show off my artwork to anyone. It's an expression of me, my "emotional diary" if you will, and it isn't meant to be impressive.

Being creative is about getting your hands dirty, playing with color and texture, and not caring about the end result.


Let's play with art and food, imperfection in creativity, and build community at the same time. We'll do all sorts of fun activities, like rock painting, focaccia designs, plating food, finger painting and other things. 


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Emm Co.'s Rock Painting Party was a wonderful time to connect with others and get creative in a safe and happy space. My time at the Rock Painting Party was incredibly relaxing and life-giving, and I loved getting to chat with the other attendees while we let our creativity flow. 

- Jessica C.