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Creatively Building Community

The Emm Co. Mission


Gather people together for fun and unique events.

Show you how to let loose and enjoy life more. 

Coax out your creativity. 

Bring back human connection.

Are you ready to create, learn, meet new people, work together, and have a blast??

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Create your joy. 

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Why was this concept born?

Hi, I'm Emma. I love food, art, and connecting people to create meaningful friendships. Back in 2021, I decided to combine these joys into something that can help others build their own community.


You hear this all the time - we aren’t in school anymore and it’s become more difficult to make friends. The purpose of Emm Co. events are to create a space for you to meet new people your age, enjoy a fun creative project together, and learn something new.


You’ll find that community building and connection are the thread throughout every event, offering, and blog post. The hope is that you'll be inspired to be your true self, meet new people, and find joy in the silly things in life. 

Build your community.

What’s this all about?

Emm Co. is associated with fun and connection. A place you can be yourself and let loose to have fun. If you enjoy food, art, crafts, learning, or meeting new people, these events are created for you.

Each event consists of a unique activity, learning, and building community with others. Sometimes the activity is art, sometimes it is food, and sometimes it is fusion of many things. The theme always changes and so do the people facilitating the event.


Whether you are a beginner or skilled, there’s a place for you at the table. We only ask that you promise to laugh and meet new people while you are with us !


Get your hands dirty.

Want a Private Party?

If you would like to host your own group gathering, there are an array of options from which to choose. Ditch the happy hours and bring a new experience to your friends, team-building activities, or client appreciation events. 

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Keep up to date on our events, 
community tips, and more.


Chris C.

Emma did a great job bringing a diverse group of people together. We got to know each other outside of a work environment and were able to have fun making cocktails and food together. I'll definitely be back for another experience! 


Jackie H.

I LOVED your rock therapy event. The ambiance you guys created was so comfortable, setting intentions and talking about what we're grateful for really helped set the tone for the event. And it was SO NICE to simply sit with friends and paint. I don't know what happened, but I left there feeling HAPPY. I spent the entire rest of the day smiling at everyone, not being bothered by little things, and just generally feeling light.


Michelle M.

I attended the Whiskey + Charcuterie class. The presenter was fabulous and informative. The table of 4 concept worked out wonderfully. We each contributed something different to our board creation and design. I made new friends and we had a fantastic time together. I will definitely attend more classes!

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